I’m originally from Connecticut, where I grew up learning about art in my mother’s studio and exploring architectural models at my father’s firm. My early interest in painting, graphic design, and photography has been a strong foundation on which to build my understanding of light and contrast, while my initial architectural curiosity has developed into an awareness of form and space that underpins my sense of composition.

I continued my pursuit of the arts throughout my education, taking classes and workshops in various media, learning music performance and theory through band and choir, attending writing courses and literary lectures, participating in theatrical productions, and studying art history and the history of photography. I had learned to use my father’s camera as a child, but it wasn’t until high school that I seriously began to pursue photography. I soon learned that my background in visual, musical, and performing arts afforded me a valuable understanding of my fellow creatives’ photographic needs.

I studied photography and cinema production at Ithaca College, spending my summers assisting commercial and portrait photographers in order to learn professional lighting in a more hands-on environment. Near the end of my collegiate career, I spent a semester immersed in the culture of Southern France and was fortunate to form deep connections with the wonderful people that I met there. It is this same connection with my photographic subjects that inspires my photography today.

Continuing to build my photography career after college, I fully immersed myself in the worlds of architecture and architectural photography while employed as a Marketing Coordinator for firms in New York City and Connecticut. Working alongside numerous architects and photographers, I produced and directed photoshoots that faithfully reflected the architects’ designs. These years taught me how best to fulfill the photographic and marketing needs of architecture, engineering, and exhibition design firms.

Expanding my involvement in the creative industry, I enjoy pursuing projects in film, graphic design, and digital manipulation. I also enjoy teaching photography and furthering my own photographic education by assisting and learning from other photographers.